Welcome to Gargantua.

In a far off land stands a world called Gargantua. It is inhabited by many mythical, magical and unimaginable creatures. After centuries of war, famine, poverty and chaos, five humanoid (mostly) races committed to peace and erected a system of governance over 28 recognized states, with the seat of power residing in the main state of Legion. From Legion, the chosen leader of the Raptoran, the Elves, the Humans, the Tieflings, and the Deva’s all exercise control over Gargantua.

While the five great races maintain overall control, each of the 28 recognized states are federated and have regional control over their domains. These various states are comprised of the five great races, along with other races not represented on the Council of Five in Legion. While some States consist solely of their own race, many are mixed and governed by a multitude of different racial leaders. While each State has their own separate laws, the Council of Five in Legion has created a list of laws that must be followed by all:

1. Only designated officials and members of the Legion’s Military are authorized to wear and/or carry bladed weapons.
2. Magic is strictly forbidden, except for those of noble birth, and trained at Academy in Legion. (this does not include divinations)
3. Divinations are allowed but only to gods recognized by the Council of Five.
4. Worship is only allowed to gods of Good or Neutral alignments, no Evil gods (and Good or Neutral is only referring to those in the Player’s Handbook)
5. Violations of these rules result in death.